Ystegårn Café & Bistro

Café & Bistro
Bed & Breakfast

A café in true Hälsingland style

About 15 minutes from Hudiksvall, by the great farmhouse of Ystegårn, you’ll find one of Hälsinglands most beautiful cafés, the Ystegårn Café & Bistro. We have a great variety of fresh food, classic Swedish fika and a well assorted range of drinks for you to enjoy along the breathtaking views. 

For your kids there’s a playground and we also have a small shop where you can buy vintage products. If you want to spend more time here than just having break, why not stay overnight in one of our Bed & Breakfast rooms?

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Bus 53
Stop Näsviken
Highway 84
2 minutes
Bus 21
Stop Hillsta
15 mInutes

Opening hours after June 17th 

Open every day:
11 am–4pm
When we're closed:

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